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Celebrating New Hampshire Manufacturing Week 2013

Why Manufacture in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has what you need!

  1. Location/logistics: New Hampshire offers three interstate highways (93, 95, and 89), a bustling seaport and is close to Boston, New York and Montreal (see logistics), as well as the Greater Manchester/Boston Regional Airport (MHT), easy access to international flights at Boston Logan and access to both passenger and commercial rail service. New Hampshire has land sites to accommodate distribution facilities up to 1 million square feet, as well as office and manufacturing space in industrial parks.
  2. Workforce: New Hampshire's workforce is exceptionally strong, ranking in the nation's top 10, in terms of the percentage of high tech workers per capita in the United States. Companies interested in moving their businesses to New Hampshire are impressed by the availability of highly skilled workers.
  3. In addition, New Hampshire:

    • has the lowest unemployment rate in New England and also runs at least 2-3 percentage points lower than the national average;
    • ranks 6th in the nation in the number of new companies started each year;
    • ranks 8th in terms of in-migration of domestic workers in the U.S. and far outpaces its New England neighbors;
    • features 26 colleges, including two top research institutions - the University of New Hampshire and Dartmouth College. Both are leading efforts to advance the state's Science and Technology Plan and advance efforts in some key technologies where New Hampshire has impressive expertise;
    • has numerous workforce programs, including financial and other incentives such as Job Training Fund matching grants designed to enhance worker skills and help New Hampshire companies stay competitive in the global marketplace;
    • Stay, Work & Play encourages graduates of New Hampshire's 26 colleges and universities to remain in the state after graduation and become part of New Hampshire's skilled workforce.

  4. Business climate: With a low tax structure and responsive state government, New Hampshire is an excellent location to create, expand or relocate a business. The Granite State boasts low occupancy costs and one of the lowest tax burdens in the country -  it has no sales tax, use tax, broad-base income tax, capital gains tax or inventory tax and no higher assessment for commercial or industrial real estate; and the state ranks 6th among the best states in terms of business-tax climate according to the US Tax Foundation 2012 report.


    New Hampshire offers many incentives to businesses that locate in the Granite State including:

    • Business and technical assistance for manufacturers.
    • Subsidized technical assistance from the University of New Hampshire and Dartmouth College.
    • Technical assistance to New Hampshire companies interested in procuring federal and state contracts.
    • Permit assistance.
    • Customized reports and personal tours on available industrial and office real estate.
    • Prompt and professional follow-through on any question related to state government.

    Since utilities costs and accessibility are also of concern to businesses, the state and its partners offer a variety of energy efficiency and renewables programs. Electric utilities include:

    • Public Service of NH (PSNH) is the state's largest electric utility, serving more than 490,000 homes and businesses. PSNH has three fossil fuel-fired generating plants, one wood-burning power plant and nine hydroelectric facilities, generating more than 1,110 megawatts of electricity. Through its own plants and power purchase arrangements with other suppliers, approximately 21 percent of the energy PSNH supplies to customers comes from renewable sources; this is one of the highest percentages of any major utility in New England. PSNH focuses its economic development efforts on three main activities—business development, business recruitment, and community development—in order to help the state's economy thrive while maintaining the quality of community that makes New Hampshire so appealing. Through partnerships with the state, chambers of commerce, and other economic development organizations, PSNH helps support an array of business development initiatives including the NH International Trade Resource Center, business incubators, work force development initiatives, New Hampshire Stories product identification program, and assisting companies with expansion and relocation efforts.
    • The New Hampshire Electric Cooperative is a member-owned and controlled electric distributor serving about 80,000 members in 115 towns and cities. It maintains 5,500+ miles of energized line that traverses nine of the 10 counties in New Hampshire.
    • Unitil Energy Systems (UES provides electric distribution service to more than 72,000 customers in the Capital and Seacoast regions of NH, and Unitil maintains local, regional and state economic development partnerships.
    • Northern Utilities, Inc., which is part of Unitil, serves more than 54,800 customers 44 cities and towns in New Hampshire and Maine. About 25 percent of its customers are commercial and industrial. Northern Utilities' industrial base includes manufacturers in the industries of auto, housing, rubber, printing, textile, pharmaceutical, electronics, wires and food production, as well as a military installation.
    • Granite State Gas Transmission, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unitil, is an interstate natural gas transmission pipeline company operating 87 miles of underground gas transmission pipeline primarily located in Maine and New Hampshire It provides Northern Utilities with interconnection to natural gas pipelines and access to domestic natural gas supplies in the south and Canadian natural gas supplies in the north.

  5. Quality of life: The Most Livable State in the U.S. since 2005 and first again in 2011 (CQ Press), New Hampshire always ranks as one of the healthiest and safest states in the nation. New Hampshire offers exceptional quality of life:
    • low crime rate.
    • high quality health care.
    • excellent schools.
    • affordable housing.
    • open space.
    • cultural opportunities.

    New Hampshire's quality of life offers more time for a balanced life which also helps large corporations attract quality employees from around the U.S. By not having to sit in traffic for two hours trying to catch a plane or get to work, there is more time for employees to use and more choices on how to use it. New Hampshire provides the opportunity to have a satisfying career, while still having time to attend a daughter's soccer game, meet a college friend at a local sports bar, get that bike ride in after dinner, or volunteer with a local charity.

    For additional information about why New Hampshire is the right place for your manufacturing company, please contact:

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