Berlin Federal Prison

Selling to federal facilities in New Hampshire is a great way to get started selling to the government.  One highly anticipated opportunity is to sell to the Federal Correction Institution (FCI) in Berlin, which is one of New Hampshire's largest federal facilities.

FCI Berlin
FCI Berlin consists of a medium security, 1,152-bed prison and a 128-bed minimum security prison “camp” to be used exclusively for male inmates. Once fully staffed, it will employ approximately 320-340 full-time staff. Construction began in 2008 and was completed in 2011.

Typical sentence duration for inmates in similar FCIs is in the range of 15-25 years. There is no parole in the Federal penal system. No UNICOR (Federal Prison Industries) facility is planned for Berlin. Because of the lack of opportunities for inmates to work, other than in the operation of the prison infrastructure, educational programs will probably be fairly extensive.

All construction was completed during 2011 and the warden, Dr. Deborah G. Schult, is in place. However, federal funding is needed to complete the opening.

Business Opportunities
FCI Berlin will contribute approximately $40 million annually to the local and regional economy, with approximately 80% spent locally on salaries, goods, services and utilities.

With FCI Berlin ready to open, pending federal funding, now is the time for New Hampshire businesses-especially those in the North Country-to start the process so that they're ready when FCI Berlin releases their contracts-or they risk being left behind, as once an agency has selected a supplier, they're likely to stay with them.

Local businesses are especially encouraged to explore opportunities to sell to FCI Berlin. Coos County businesses have a competitive advantage when it comes to federal contracts. Since the area is a designated HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zone), businesses that are HUBZone certified are eligible for set-asides and contracts. NH-PTAP is available to help North Country businesses exploit this competitive advantage. NH-PTAP has dedicated office space at White Mountains Community College, and  intends to have a staff person spend one week a month there to assist businesses. In addition training events be offered to help businesses learn how to do business with FCI Berlin and the federal government.

The permanent FCI Berlin Contract Officer, Pamala Tharp, is on site, and contracts for goods and services are being solicited.

Employment & Training
Once federal funding is in place, Bureau of Prisons staff from other facilities will be relocated; local recruitment for correctional officers is expected is underway. Federal Correctional officers must, at a minimum, be under age 37, have good credit, and be in good physical condition.

The White Mountains Community College is located in Berlin and offers a variety of degree and certificate programs, including a Criminal Justice Program.





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