1. What does the government buy?
    The federal government buys the same goods and services as private industry. However, the way it procures them is different than private industry, with specific rules and regulations overseeing the process.

  2. Does the government really buy from small companies?
    Yes. About 22 percent of all federal government contract spending is spent with small businesses, including hundreds right here in New Hampshire.

  3. Will it take forever to get paid?
    No. Companies that do what is promised in their contract and follow the procedures receive timely payment via electronic funds transfer.

  4. Why are there so many steps and red tape?
    Unlike private companies, government agencies are accountable to taxpayers, who expect transparency, accountability and fairness.

  5. Are there ways companies can be involved without dealing directly with government?
    NH PTAP often help companies prepare for government contracting by becoming a subcontractor or supplier on government contracts. This can be an excellent way to get started and is the best long-term role for many.

  6. How does a business qualify for help from NH-PTAP?
    Companies must have a business with a physical location in New Hampshire; a home office would qualify. The process begins with an assessment and work begins NH PTAP determines the company is ready for government contracting. Services are free. While the NH PTAP office is located in Concord, staff routinely visits clients throughout the state.

  7. How many of them succeed in getting contracts?
    Our clients (162 of them) reported receiving $1.3 billion in the last fiscal year. These clients specifically link some part of their success with winning these contracts to NH-PTAP assistance.

  8. How do I get started?
    Give us a call at 603-271-7581 or email us at ptapinfo@dred.nh.gov


NH-PTAP, which serves as a Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), is funded in part through a cooperative agreement from the Department of Defense (DOD) through a program that is administered by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The content of any written materials or verbal communications of the PTAC does not necessarily reflect the official views of or imply endorsement by DOD or DLA. NH-PTAP is also funded by the NH Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED), and operates as a program of the Business Resource Center within the Division of Economic Development (DED).