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General Electric Named October “Innovation Rocks!” Award Winner

SOMERSWORTH – The development of a “smart meter” that measures energy usage has led to General Electric being named the “Innovation Rocks!” Award winner by the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development’s Business Resource Center for the month of October.

General Electric has been working with technology companies like Silver Springs Networks, Itron and Eka Systems to provide utilities with the most advanced gear and software available. Its I-210 electronic meter manufactured at the Somersworth facility is self directed in that it can read itself and send information back to the utility, eliminating the need for a meter reader to visit residences on a monthly basis. The meter also calculates the highs and lows of energy demand, giving utility companies an opportunity to adjust rates accordingly.

“This is a product that has incredible potential to allow utilities to deliver power more efficiently to consumers,” said New Hampshire Business Resource Center Director Roy Duddy. “With energy costs a major concern for both the residential and business markets, smart metering is a vital tool in reducing energy consumption and reducing costs. GE is at the forefront of this innovation.”

For more information about General Electric, visit http://www.ge.com/.   

“Innovation Rocks!” is an initiative sponsored by the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development in coordination with Rock 101 (WGIR-FM) to celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of New Hampshire innovators.
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