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Nanocomp Technologies, Inc. Named July “Innovation Rocks!” Award Winner

CONCORD– The development of electrothermal nanotubes has led to Nanocomp Technologies, Inc. being named the “Innovation Rocks!” award winner by the New Hampshire Business Resource Center for the month of July.

The Concord-based company develops electrothermal nanotubes which are spun into fibers, yarns and felts, materials that are 100 times stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum and able to conduct electricity. These structural composites improve fuel efficiency for aircraft, boats and ground transportation vehicles as well as products that improve human energy performance such as the military’s programs for lighter weight protective armor or consumers’ desire for higher performance recreational sporting goods.

Nanocomp was named the winner of the New Hampshire High Technology Council’s first Product of the Year competition and saw its Carbon Nanotube Production Technology receive acclaim as a Nano 50th Award winner for its impact on the field of nanotechnology.

“From developing innovative products which assist the U.S. military to developing alternative solutions to energy production, Nanocomp has proven to be a company at the forefront of technology,” said New Hampshire Business Resource Center Director Roy Duddy. “This is a New Hampshire firm that is truly on the move.”

For more information about Nanocomp Technologies, Inc., please visit www.nanocomptechcom.

“Innovation Rocks!” is an initiative sponsored by the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development in coordination with Rock 101 (WGIR-FM) to celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of New Hampshire innovators.
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