Rapid Response for Businesses

Businesses come to NH RR to find skilled workers that just lost their jobs or are expecting to layoff or close.  Not only do we help with layoff or closures but we help with recruitment.

NH Rapid Response Program for Businesses
NH Rapid Response teams are designed to work with your company and any employee representative(s) (where applicable) to quickly maximize public and private resources to minimize the disruptions that are associated with job losses on your business, your workers, and the communities in which you do business and live. Rapid Response can provide customized services on-site at an affected your company, accommodate any work schedules, and assist company leadership and affected workers through the painful transitions associated with job loss.

If you are looking to access skilled workers, are expecting a layoff or plant closing, or even wish to learn more about the solutions Rapid Response can provide to your business, contact Jimmie Hinson, NH Rapid Response Program Coordinator at Jimmie.R.Hinson@livefree.nh.gov or (603) 271- 0337.


  • Higher Productivity, worker morale and lower absenteeism during the layoff process
  • Lower unemployment insurance costs as workers are re-employed more quickly when services are begun before the layoff
  • Decreased likelihood of work disruptions
  • Media and rumor management. Rapid Response teams understand the confidential nature of layoffs and will work with the company to ensure confidentiality at all times.
Rapid Response teams can also provide information to companies concerning state or federal requirements and laws for notification, including the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act.

  • Career counseling and job search assistance
  • Resume preparation and interviewing skills workshops
  • Information on the local labor market
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Information about education and training opportunities
  • Information on services provided by the NH Department of Health and Human Services
Local services available may include use of computers, telephones, and fax machines for job searches; financial planning and stress management workshops; financial support for training; income support if jobs were lost due to foreign trade; and special services for veterans and adults with disabilities.

Per RSA 282-A:45-a and Administrative Rule EMP 303.13, employers are required to report any temporary or permanent layoff of 25 or more individuals to New Hampshire Employment Security.
  • Information on Reporting Mass Layoff/Seasonal Layoff  
  • To report a Mass Layoff/Seasonal Layoff, complete Employer Shutdown Information spreadsheet and FAX to the number provided (Spreadsheet must be faxed. DO NOT send as e-mail attachment):
  • Employer Shutdown Information  
  • Fax: (603) 447-3951
  • Mass Layoff Contact Information masslayoff@nhes.nh.gov

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