Offshore Wind

The offshore wind energy industry holds significant opportunity to the businesses and workers of New Hampshire. First developed in Europe over 30 years ago, the industry is now in full development in the United States. With tens of billions of dollars expected to be invested into developing the Gulf of Maine. New Hampshire currently holds the keys to its own success and your participation in this burgeoning industry could help witness new and exciting economic growth for the Granite State.

A critical element of the industry’s success in the Northeast and Atlantic seaboard of the United States is the development of a robust supply chain network needed to provide equipment and personnel for the project developers and large supplier and manufacturing industries. These materials and workforces are needed close to the areas proposed for these development areas. As data and information are further gathered over the coming years as to where exactly those development locations will be, we will continue to position our businesses and economy to fill the gaps witnessed by the evolving New England offshore wind supply chain.
If you are interested in participating in these coming economic opportunities and wish to share your information to become part of the offshore wind supply chain for the Gulf of Maine and beyond, please click here or click on the link above where it says “Offshore Wind Business Supply Chain Registration Form” to provide general business information and join the New Hampshire Business Supply Chain Registry. This information will be available to offshore wind developers, different tiered manufacturers, and other key stakeholders within the industry and will help guide those interests to the skilled and exceptional workers and businesses found in our State. We will also, from time to time, send out information to those registered about upcoming events, opportunities, or developments within this industry.

To find out the current status of the Gulf of Maine Intergovernmental Task Force please visit here.

To find more about other resources within New Hampshire interested in or participating in the offshore wind industry please click on one of the following links: To speak to someone about these opportunities further or have additional questions regarding New Hampshire’s effort please contact:

Michael Behrmann
Offshore Wind Industry Development
New Hampshire Business Finance Authority