Training Presentations

NH PTAC Guide to Registering in PIEE/SPRS



Small Disadvantaged Business Certification  11/18/21


Introduction to (Federal) Government Contracting  11/15/21


WOSB and  10/28/21

HUBZone Certification   10/15/21


Contracting with the State of NH  09/23/21
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Introduction to Government Contracting 09/20/21

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Finding Federal Customers  09/16/21
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Cybersecurity - What Every Government Contractor Needs to Know  09/09/21
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Responding to Federal Solicitations 09/02/21
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Introduction to Government Contracting 08/16/21
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Accepting Government P-cards  08/05/21
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Women Owned Small Business - to Certify or not to Certify? 07/22/21
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Introduction to Government Contracting 07/19/21
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New Consolidated SAM - Entity Registration
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Matchmaker Prep and Follow-Up

Small Business Certification Challenges in New England 05/10/21

April Contract Opportunities  04/29/21
Recorded Webinar

CMMC Level III  04/22/21
Recorded Webinar

CMMC Level 1  04/15/21
Recorded Webinar 

Introduction to Government Contracting  04/12/21
Recorded Webinar

Contract Data Mining in and  04/08/21
Recorded Webinar

Women Owned Small Business Certification and beta.certify  04/01/21
Recorded Webinar


BidMatch Profiles  03/25/21
Recorded Webinar

Introduction to Government Contracting  03/15/21
Recorded Webinar

Matchmaker Prep: How to Maximize Your Impact 03/11/21
Recorded Webinar

Capabilities Statements: Fit In and Stand Out!  3/4/21
Recorded Webinar

Service Contract Act  02/26/21

SAM Registration & FAR Clauses  02/25/21
Recorded Webinar
SAM Registration Process for Grants Assistance

Introduction to Government Contracting  02/22/21
Recorded Webinar

WOSB and beta.certify 02/04/21
Recorded Webinar

January - Contract Opportunities 01/28/21
Recorded Webinar

Davis Bacon Act  01/22/21
DBRA Poster
DBRA FOH Chapter 15
SCA Directory of Occupations 
SCA FOH Chapter 14
SCA Poster
SCA Paid Sick Leave Poster
Executive Order 13658 Minimum Wage Poster
WH 1090 Executive Order 13706 Poster

Contract Data Mining via and  01/21/21
Recorded Webinar

FAR Flowdowns  01/14/21
Recorded Webinar
NH PTAC Annotated Provision and Clause Matrix

Introduction to Government Contracting  01/12/21

Contracting with the State of NH  01/07/21
Recorded Webinar


November 2020

Labor Laws for Federal Contractors  11/19/20
DOL Labor Laws Presentation
Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Summary
SCA Directory of Occupations
SCA Paid Sick Leave Poster
SCA Poster
SCA FOH Chapter 14
DBRA Poster
DBRA FOH Chapter 15

Intro to Government Contracting  11/16/20
Intro to Government Contracting Presentation
Recorded Webinar

BidMatch Profiles  11/12/20
BidMatch Profiles Presentation
Recorded Webinar

Contract Data Mining via &  11/6/20
Contract Data Mining beta.sam & USASpending Presentation
Recorded Webinar

October 2020

Matchmaker Follow-Up - Don't let the opportunities escape!  10/29/20
Matchmaker Follow-Up Presentation
Recorded Webinar

Capabilities Statements: Fit In and Stand Out!  10/22/20
Capabilities Statements Presentation
Recorded Webinar

Matchmaker Prep (VIRTUAL) How to Maximize your Impact  10/15/20
Matchmaker Prep Presentation
Recorded Webinar

HUBZone  10/08/2020
HUBZone Presentation
Recorded Webinar

CMMC  10/01/2020
CMMC Slides
DoD CMMC Public Briefing 01/31/20
Recorded Webinar   passcode: +0zps4.^
Important Links:
CMMC Model
CMMC Accreditation Body
Federal Register Notice 9/29/2020 (Comments are due by Nov 30, 2020)

September 2020

Veterans Administration CVE Why? How?  9/24/20
CVE Why? How? Slides with VA Assistance Briefs
Recorded Webinar

FAR Flowdowns - The Basics That You Need to Know  9/17/20
FAR Flowdowns Slides
NH PTAC Annotated Provision and Clause Matrix (20200902)
Recorded Webinar   passcode: #.0EAj8E

Issues in Contracting with the State of New Hampshire  9/10/20
Contracting with the State of NH slides
Recorded Webinar   passcode: r%LF2e=9

August 2020

SAM Registration & FAR Clauses 8/27/20
SAM Registration & FAR Clauses slides
Recorded Webinar

WOSB and beta.certify  8/21/20
WOSB slides
SBA WOSB User Guide
WOSB User Guide Cheat Sheet
Recorded Webinar    passcode: J69kwN*E

April 2020

COVID-10 and CMMC Compliance webinar on You Tube

February 2020 tips courtesy of USACE

February 20, 2020
FBO to recorded webinar on YouTube

February 7, 2020
FBO to



December 13, 2019
Matchmaker Follow-Up

November 7, 2019
Matchmaker and Capability Statement Preparation

July 31, 2019

Cybersecurity Compliance for DoD Contractors presentation
Cybersecurity Compliance recorded webinar

July 30, 2019

Introduction to Government Contracting

May 9, 2019

Accounting Workshop presented by Kline & Company CPA PC

DCAA Audits
ICE Incurred Costs Submissions
Unallowable Costs

April 5 and April 12, 2019

Making the Most of the Matchmaker & Developing a Capabilities Statement

March 28, 2019

Introduction to Government Contracting

March 22, 2019

HUBZones Applying and Getting Certified
HUBZone Tips 2019

January 25, 2019

Introduction to the FAR
       FAR Parts
       Some Key FAR Parts


December 7, 2018

Matchmaker Follow-Up

October 26, 2018

Making the Most of the Matchmaker &
Developing a Capabilities Statement

August 29, 2018

Winning Federal Contracts: A Great Business Opportunity, or a Nightmare? 

July 26, 2018 - Basic Accounting for Federal Contracting, Presented by Kline and Company

Good Accounting System
Cost Proposal
Indirect Cost Rates
Government Procurement Team

June 28, 2018

Matchmaker Follow Up 

April 27, 2018 - NH PTAC and SBA Certifications

NH PTAC Presentation on Small Business Certifications
NH SBA Presentation on Small Business Certifications

February 23, 2018

Federal Government Market Research


November 17, 2017 Webinar

Making the Most of the Matchmaker and Preparing your Capabilities Statement (Webinar)

DFARS Cybersecurity Conference - June 29, 2017

NH GovCon Presentation - Dave Pease
NIST Presentation - Patricia To the
Raytheon Presentation - Kathleen ODonnell
BAE Presentation - Cathryn Jackson
Cytellix Presentation - Spencer Cobb
Imprimis Presentation - Amy Vermillion
Local Service Providers - Contact information
Speaker Biographies

June 16, 2017

GSA Schedule Contracts - A Promising Market for Your Business or a Paperwork Nightmare 

March 16, 2017 - HUBZone

Taking Advantage of HUBZone Certification 
SBA HUBZone Presentation

Making the Most of the Matchmaker - March 8, 2017


The Defense Contracts Audit Agency (DCAA) - October 14, 2016

September 9, 2016
Marketing for Government Contracts, Strategies for Subcontractors & Suppliers 

August 12, 2016 - WOSB Program
Federal Government Contracting for Small Businesses – New Developments for Woman-owned Businesses -
SBA 2016 WOSB Program Overview

July 15, 2016 - State and Local Government Contracting
Market Research and Marketing for State and Local Government Contracts -
USA Bid Resources for Northern New England
Transparent NH Advanced Search

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