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Flood Map Changes

How to Request a Change to a Flood Map

A Letter of Map Change (LOMC) officially amends or revises an effective Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) to remove a structure, lot, or portion of a property from the 1% annual chance floodplain. FEMA issues LOMCs instead of physically revising the maps. FEMA’s step-by-step How to Request a Map Amendment guide  explains how the process works.

Online LOMC Application

  • The Online LOMC Application is an internet-based tool that allows applicants to easily request a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) or Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) to a flood map.
  • It is a convenient way for applicants to upload all information and supporting documentation and check the status of their application online.
  • Users can submit LOMC requests and pay any associated fees, through this tool instead of filing the paper forms submitted through the mail.
  • Online LOMC How-to-Guides


Out as Shown LOMAs

If a building is clearly outside of the boundary of a high risk flood zone (Zones A, AE, AO, or VE) on the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map but a lender is still requiring flood insurance for the property, the flood determination company used by the lender may have made the determination because a portion of the lot was partially within the flood zone even though the structure was not.

For that reason, you may need to request a Letter of Map Amendment – Out as Shown (LOMA-OAS) from FEMA in order for the lender to remove the flood insurance requirement for the structure. Unlike other LOMAs, a site survey and Elevation Certificate are generally not needed for a LOMA-OAS. This document provides details about the process and how to apply.

Other LOMC Guidance