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Office of Outdoor Recreation

The Office of Outdoor Recreation Industry Development (ORID) advances strategies leveraging New Hampshire’s vast outdoor resources to drive economic development.

Working with state and industry partners, ORID coordinates outdoor recreation policy, management and promotion among state and federal agencies and local governments. In support of New Hampshire’s diverse outdoor industry, ORID promotes sustainable land stewardship and developing long-term economic development opportunities through strategic planning for outdoor recreational amenities, benefits, assets, and partners.

ORID promotes economic development; recommends policies and initiatives to enhance amenities; develops outcome-driven data; promotes health and social benefits and advances sustainable land stewardship initiatives. Its priorities include workforce development strategies and solutions in communities that benefit of low- and moderate-income residents.

New Hampshire’s countless lakes, mountains, beaches, rivers, trail systems and other outdoor recreation spaces are the foundation of the state’s economy. They attract sustainable businesses and a diverse workforce and preserves the state’s resources for use by future generations.