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Who We Are

Who is the Office of Outdoor Recreation (ORID)?

The Office of Outdoor Recreation (ORID) develops strategies that leverage New Hampshire’s vast and plentiful outdoor resources to drive economic development in the state.

Working with state and industry partners, ORID coordinates outdoor recreation policy, management and promotion among state and federal agencies and local governments. Promoting sustainable land stewardship and developing long-term economic development opportunities through strategic planning of New Hampshire’s outdoor recreational amenities, benefits, assets and partners, ORID was established to support New Hampshire’s diverse outdoor industry.

Specifically, ORID promotes economic development, recommends policies and initiatives to enhance amenities, develops outcome-driven data, promotes health and social benefits, and advances sustainable land stewardship initiatives. Priorities of ORID include workforce development strategies and solutions in communities to the benefit of low- and moderate-income residents.

New Hampshire’s endless acres of lakes, mountains, beaches, rivers, trail systems and other outdoor recreation spaces serve as the foundation of the state’s economy. It is our collective responsibility to manage and protect these invaluable resources as they serve to:
  • Attract and grow sustainable NH businesses,
  • develop a diverse and healthy NH workforce, and
  • preserve NH resources for use by future generations

Investing in NH and Our Future

Only the sixteenth state in the nation to create an Office of Outdoor Recreation, New Hampshire seeks to strengthen and promote the correlation between happy and successful people with a thriving outdoor recreational environment. The richness and beauty of the landscape and its abundant natural resources generate billions of dollars in revenue for the state and make New Hampshire a great place in which to work and live.

With a greater demand for use of outdoor recreational spaces, due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, New Hampshire is investing in using our outdoor resources wisely so that they remain protected for future residents and visitors to enjoy.

In 2022, the New Hampshire Office of Outdoor Recreation Industry Development (ORID) commissioned a grant-funded inventory to better understand the state's outdoor industry. NH Outdoor Recreation Industry Inventory Report provides an overview of the study's findings, including details on various outdoor recreation activities and the businesses and organizations involved in them.

ORID Director

Janel Lawton is the director of Outdoor Recreation Industry Development. She is responsible for coordinating outdoor recreation policy with partners both in and out of state government, such as the newly formed Granite Outdoor Alliance.  Janel has extensive professional experience in recreation management, marketing and economic development and has served on various tourism, economic development and non-profit boards around the state.
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