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Protecting NH’s Natural Resources for Future Generations

ORID recognizes the importance of preserving our limited number of natural outdoor amenities so they may be used by future generations for the same economic, health and quality of life benefits. Sustainability and longevity of our outdoor resources can only be accomplished if public and private stakeholders and entities work together.

New Hampshire has over 25 private land trusts, 216 conservation commissions, countless trail associations, organizations and state agencies working toward the same goal of protecting our natural resources. Our role is to strategize with, and connect, these groups to programs, funds, education opportunities and each other.

Conservation Organizations

Society For the Protection of New Hampshire Forests
The Forest Society is dedicated to protecting the state's most important landscapes while promoting the wise use of its renewable natural resources. The organization has:

  •     Helped to protect over one million acres of open space in the state.
  •     Effectively promote good land stewardship, through education and by example.
  •     Advocate public policies that encourage the wise conservation of natural resources.

Northern Forest Center
The Northern Forest is one of the most densely forested regions in the country, and it is mostly privately owned. When big timber and paper operations moved out of the region, the people here were left to keep their communities going and build a new economy grounded in forest stewardship. The Center is proud to be the region’s advocate and to partner with communities and businesses to build the New Forest Future.

Confluence of States Accord

The Confluence of States Accord is a coalition of U.S. states with a shared interest in a sustainable economy through the commitment and preservation of our natural outdoor resources. The accord strives to facilitate public-private partnerships to conserve and steward the use of our land, air, water, and wildlife.

Learn more about the Confluence of States Accord and how it aims to preserve and promote stewardship of the outdoors for future generations.