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Who We Help

New Hampshire’s Outdoor Playground Is For Everyone

As the conduit between NH’s outdoor recreation industry businesses, municipalities, state and federal land management agencies, stakeholders, communities, non-profit organizations, and other public and private entities, ORID is the facilitator of conversations, strategic decisions and sustainable practices that benefit all.

For outdoor recreational businesses, ORID provides:
  • industry research and data
  • workforce training and development
  • business and state alliances and partnership connections
  • community assessments and toolkits for business creation and growth
For outdoor industry workers or employees, ORID’s work supports or promotes:
  • outdoor industry job opportunities and career paths
  • education, training, and skill development
  • workforce retention
For outdoor enthusiasts and New Hampshire citizens, ORID’s work supports or promotes:
  • a sustainable economy
  • longevity of natural resources
  • health and wellness
  • a great quality of life
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