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Workforce Development

Find and Develop Your Specialized Workforce

Outdoor recreation has unique and diverse needs when it comes to employee education and workforce development. The ORID team works with universities, community colleges and CTE programs to help prepare the next generation of your work force.

We will help businesses in the outdoor recreation industry by aggregating educational opportunities, defining career pathways, and delivering resources for attracting and retaining outdoor industry employees.

Confluence of States Accord

The Confluence of States Accord is a coalition of U.S. states with a shared interest in a sustainable economy through the commitment and preservation of our natural outdoor resources. The accord strives to support environmental and outdoor learning opportunities, promote workforce training programs, and increase interest in early and life-long learning.

Learn more about the Confluence of States Accord and how you can get involved.

Outdoor Careers and Pathways


Outdoor Leadership and Management B.S. Degree - UNH
Adventure Education – Plymouth State University

Other Outdoor Workforce Resources

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