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Studies and Data

FEMA Flood Insurance Studies, which accompany the floodplain maps, and other flood studies and data developed by other federal and state agencies.

A Flood Insurance Study (FIS) is developed in conjunction with the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). The FIS contains a narrative of the flood history of a community and discusses the engineering methods used to develop the FIRMs. The study also contains flood profiles for studied flooding sources and can be used to determine Base Flood Elevations for some areas.

All FISs can be viewed and downloaded from FEMA's Map Service Center.

Technical and administrative support data associated with an FIS and FIRM are typically available for download through FEMA’s Flood Risk Studies Engineering Library (FRISEL). For additional assistance, contact the FEMA Mapping and Insurance eXchange.

NH Flood Studies and Data

Preliminary Stage and Streamflow Data for April 2019 Flooding (USGS): Preliminary Stage and Streamflow Data in Maine and NH for October 2017 Flooding (USGS) Suncook River Studies USGS Estimation of Flood Discharges at Selected Recurrence Intervals for Streams in NH Comprehensive Flood Management Study Commission (NH House Bill 648) April 2007 Flood Data May 2006 Flood Report October 2005 Flood Report and Data