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Municipal Land Use Regulation Annual Survey

RSA 675:9 establishes the New Hampshire Office of Planning and Development (OPD) as the state repository for all local land use regulations including master plans, zoning ordinances, historic district ordinances, capital improvement plans, building codes, subdivision regulations, historic district regulations, and site plan review regulations. RSA 675:9 also authorizes OPD to conduct an annual survey of all municipalities in order to collect information pertaining to new and/or amended land use ordinances.

The survey includes those municipalities that lack a comprehensive, traditional zoning ordinances, as several have other types of land use regulations including residential subdivision regulations, non-residential site plan review regulations, a wireless telecommunications ordinance, sign regulations, and/or a drinking water protection ordinance. Several of the municipalities that lack comprehensive, traditional zoning ordinances are also participating communities in the National Flood Insurance Program and have separate floodplain development ordinances, which are tracked by our office’s State Floodplain Management Program separate from this survey.


2022 Survey Results - updated September 2023

The 2022 survey was completed on behalf of the state's 234 municipalities as well as nine village districts with zoning authority and Coos County, which has zoning authority over 23 unincorporated places in the North Country. In 2022, 144 jurisdictions adopted zoning amendment updates.

The survey results including 2022 zoning amendment updates are available in various forms noted below. OPD welcomes the use of the survey data for further analysis, but we ask that all data be attributed to OPD's 2022 Municipal Land Use Regulation Survey and would appreciate notification if your analysis produces any noteworthy results.

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If you have any questions about the survey results or specific data requests please contact Noah Hodgetts at or (603) 271-2157.

DISCLAIMER: The 2022 results are reflective of data submitted via survey response by local officials. While information submitted is believed to be a reliable reflection of current local land use regulations, this data should be relied upon for reference purposes only and no warranty is given for its accuracy.