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Monthly Webinar Series

OPD 2023 Monthly Webinar Series – Planning Lunches at Noon (PLAN)
Join the OPD Planning Division staff every third Thursday of the month from 12 to 1 pm to learn more about various planning and zoning topics. The topic for each PLAN webinar will be announced through Plan-link and posted below in advance of the webinar date.

Each PLAN webinar will be free and conducted live with a presentation and question and answer session. Each webinar will be recorded and available for viewing on OPD’s YouTube channel. The slides and handouts for each webinar will be available below prior to the webinar.

A how-to-guide is available to assist attendees with accessing and using Microsoft Teams, which is the webinar system that will be used for this series.

Feedback on the webinars is welcomed and participants are encouraged to complete the anonymous Webinar Feedback Survey.

Upcoming PLAN Webinars
  • Every Thursday in June, 2023 - Virtual NH Housing Toolbox Training Sessions
    The NH Housing Toolbox is a collection of twenty planning and zoning strategies for housing production in New Hampshire communities. Join us for a series of virtual training sessions, where we’ll discuss the toolbox overall and do a deep dive on specific tools. These sessions will feature planners who have implemented these tools and can provide insights for implementation elsewhere.

    ALL webinars will be held on Thursdays in June 2023 from 12 to 1 PM.
  • June 1 – Housing Toolbox Overview
    Get an overview of the NH Housing Toolbox, each of the tools involved, and how to find the tools that are right for you.
  • June 8Housing in Nature: Open Space/Cluster Housing Ordinances
    Cluster housing is a tool that groups housing in a development while preserving the rest of the land as open space. Learn how to update this classic zoning tool to meet today’s needs and to see cluster housing developments actually get built.
  • June 15Shifting Housing Potential: Transfer of Development Rights
    With Transfer of Development Rights, you can direct new housing to areas that better support development while preserving areas with high conservation value. Learn how to pull off this complex strategy at the local level.
  • June 22Tax Relief for Housing: RSA 79-E
    New Hampshire’s RSA 79-E enables local tax incentives for development and redevelopment of housing. Also known as the Community Revitalization Tax Relief, RSA 79-E also contains the new affordable housing focused Housing Opportunity Zone tool. Learn where these tools can be appropriated and how to use them effectively.
  • June 29Intuitive Zoning for Housing: Form-Based Codes
    Form-based codes start with a community’s desired building types and create rules to enable that kind of development. Learn where it can work and how to get started.

    You will receive a confirmation email from Microsoft Teams, which will include an attached calendar meeting that can be saved to your calendar (you may need to check your spam folder).
  • July 20, 2023
  • August 17, 2023
  • September 21, 2023
  • October 19, 2023
  • November 16, 2023
  • December 21, 2023

Previous PLAN Webinars
Previous PLAN webinar recordings can be viewed on OPD’s YouTube channel and slides and related documents could be accessed from here.  
If you would like to inquire about any of OPD’s past webinars and materials, please email