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Economic Data

Income and poverty data from the US Census, local property tax and Meals & Rooms tax reports, county business patterns, and more.

Property Taxes

  • Property Tax Rates - and other information from the Department of Revenue Administration

Meals and Rooms Tax Data

Since January 1991, OPD (originally the Office of State Planning) has been compiling gross receipts and tax due data from the Department of Revenue Administration monthly meals and rooms tax activity report into a spreadsheet and providing a comparative report to consultants and the general public upon request.
  For your convenience, the older format Monthly Meals and Rooms Tax data are available for two individual years preceding the current year. Notes: Beginning in January 2023, DRA no longer reports gross receipts for meals and rooms. The other two paragraphs, about the tax rate and the county geography, can remain unchanged.

According to RSA 78-A, a 8.5% tax is assessed upon patrons of hotels and restaurants, on rents and upon meals costing $.36 or more. An Operator's License is required.

The county is the smallest level of geography available; the data are not available at the town level.

Business and Employment

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