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Surplus Land Review

Surplus Land Review
CORD is tasked with administering the Surplus Land Review (SLR) process. CORD collects feedback from state agencies on requests for disposal of state-owned property and makes recommendations to the Governor and Council.

For more information on the process, see the following fact sheets: SLR Process, and Leasing State Owned Land on the Shores of Public Waters.

Application Requirements
An SLR request must originate in the state department or agency having management responsibility for the real estate. An SLR must be accompanied by an application form and cover letter addressed to the BEA Commissioner and CORD Chair. Please provide complete answers to all questions on the application form, clearly explain the nature of the request and intended use of the property, and provide accompanying maps, tax maps and photographs as appropriate.

Submit one digital copy via e-mail to, and one hardcopy with original signatures of the completed application to: NH Bureau of Economic Affairs, NH Office of Planning & Development, 100 North Main St, Suite #100, Concord, NH 03301.

Application Deadlines
SLR Requests & Recommendations