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Lot Line Adjustments

Minimum Road Access Requirements (RSA 674:41)

Subdivision Regulations

  • Subdivision and Site Plan Review Handbook - Southwest Region Planning Commission
  • [Plan-link] Combined Site Review and Subdivision Regulations pdf file- Plan-link discussion thread, February 2015
  • Emile Bussiere v. A. Roland Roberge & a., 142 NH 905 (1998)
    • A planning board may adopt a more restrictive definition of "subdivision" than provided in RSA 672:14.
      "Where 'subdivision' is defined by regulation more restrictively or narrowly than it is by statute, the regulation's definition governs. "Cities and towns have only such powers as the State grants them… We have held that a town, in exercising its powers to regulate, may not expand upon the legislative definition of 'subdivision'. Certainly a town may, [however,] through adoption of an ordinance, choose to exercise less power than that granted by the State legislature."Dearborn v. Town of Milford, 120 NH 82, 84, 411 A.2d 1132, 1133--34 (1980) (citations omitted). We therefore reject the defendants' contention that the trial court impermissibly effected a subdivision of the property as defined by the subdivision regulation."
    • (Also see the subject heading Condominiums on the Housing page.)
  • See the results of the Municipal Land Use Regulation Annual Survey for municipalities with Subdivision Regulations.

Village Plan Alternative Subdivision