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Floodplain Management Program

An overview of New Hampshire's Floodplain Management Program and the information and services it offers.

The Office of Planning and Development (OPD) administers the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in New Hampshire. The NFIP is a partnership between a community and the federal government. Communities participate by agreeing to adopt and enforce a floodplain management ordinance designed to reduce future flood risks and in return all residents in those participating communities (whether in floodplain or not) can purchase flood insurance.

OPD provides technical assistance and training to communities and the public on floodplain management and helps to promote sound land use planning techniques that will reduce flood losses. Currently, there are 220 communities (94 percent) in New Hampshire that participate in the NFIP. To learn the status of each New Hampshire community, you can view a map or view the FEMA Community Status Book. For more information on how a community can join the NFIP, please go to the Joining the NFIP page.

Learn more about the NH Floodplain Management Program and how the NFIP is administered in the state by viewing OPD's Introductory Video and OPD’s interactive story map.

News and Updates:

  • New Mapping Projects FAQs and Mapping Projects Status Tracker documents are now available! Find answers to common questions about FEMA’s mapping projects and see the status of each mapping project.
  • Updated Elevation Certificate and Dry Floodproofing Certificate now available! These forms have been approved and should be used going forward through 06/30/2026. There is no grace period for the old form. Any form signed and dated as of July 7, 2023 must be on the latest FEMA Elevation Certificate Form. Learn more on our Floodplain Permit Process, Applications, and Certificates website page
  • New outreach toolkit now available! The NH Floodplain Management Program has recently published an outreach toolkit for communities with preliminary maps who are looking to communicate those map changes with their residents and business owners. View the toolkit on our Current NH Floodplain Mapping Activities webpage
  • FEMA is currently updating the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and Flood Insurance Studies (FIS) in New Hampshire. Learn about the current projects and future steps on our Current NH Floodplain Mapping Activities webpage.
  • Get the latest news about the National Flood Insurance Program and floodplain management topics in New Hampshire in the latest edition of our Flood Lines newsletter!

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