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Municipal and Regional Planning Assistance Program

The Municipal and Regional Planning Assistance Program provides information, guidance, and training to municipal officials and staff, regional and state planners, and the general public on planning and zoning related matters.
  • Provides technical assistance in response to land use development and municipal planning requests.
  • Provides training for new board members as outlined in RSA 673:3-a and to promote effective planning and management for local land use boards and regional planning agencies through NH OPD’s annual Planning and Zoning conference.
  • Provides information and guidance to improve regional and local master plans, regulation of land use, management of natural resources, and enhancement of housing and economic development opportunities.
  • Coordinates with planning partners, such as the regional planning commissions, on providing training and guidance for municipalities on planning, land use, and zoning topics.
  • Conducts annual updates to OPD’s Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment handbooks.
    Conducts an annual survey to municipalities regarding their land use and maintenance of a central file of local land use regulations pursuant to RSA 675:9.
  • Administers Plan-Link, a listserv which provides a forum for online discussion and information sharing on planning-related topics.
  • Serves on several state-wide boards, committees, and commissions including the Wetlands Council, Rivers Management Advisory Committee, Lakes Management Advisory Committee, Complete Streets Advisory Council, NH Geographic Information System Committee, and Scenic and Cultural Byways Council.

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Stephanie N. Verdile
Telephone: (603) 271-1765

Noah Hodgetts
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