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Real Estate, Insurance, and Lender Information

Information for real estate professionals, insurance agents, and lenders regarding how to find a property on a floodplain map, lender floodplain determinations, and flood insurance requirements.

How to determine the flood risk for a property or structure:

Floodplain Maps and Studies

What to know about lender floodplain determinations and flood insurance requirements:

Anyone who applies for a federally-funded mortgage/loan or refinancing on an existing home in flood-prone areas will be required to carry flood insurance for the life of the mortgage/loan. Generally, the only documentation that lenders will accept to change their floodplain determination is a FEMA Letter of Map Amendment. For more information, see the links below.

What to know about flood insurance:

Everyone lives in a flood zone. You can protect your home, business, and belongings with flood insurance from the NFIP. Flood insurance is necessary because homeowners insurance does not cover flood losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Education and Training: