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Economic Recovery and Expansion Strategy

The Economic Recovery and Expansion Strategy (ERES) is multi-year strategy that serves as a roadmap for more collaborative and effective delivery of services to businesses across New Hampshire.

It provides and builds from the short-term COVID-19 related support and recovery, while also creating a framework for long-term economic growth and success. This plan maps out an intentional approach to fostering innovation and collaboration by leveraging existing resources in a more efficient way, resulting in optimal economic outcomes for New Hampshire. This strategy gives us the opportunity to have local, regional, and state partners collaborate with Business and Economic Affairs (BEA) and contribute to the success of a state ecosystem that not only helps us recover but makes us resilient and stronger than ever.

The ERES plan is the vehicle through which we can make real change in economic development, creating a collaborative, effective and impactful community right here in New Hampshire. Read the full ERES plan.

As noted above, regional collaboration is key to ERES and the State’s overall economic development strategy, which is why as part of ERES partners and stakeholders came together to form four Collaborative Economic Development Regions (CEDRs) that touch every corner of the Granite State.