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Life Sciences

Leading in the Life Sciences

New Hampshire researchers and innovators are developing tomorrow’s bioscience solutions today in labs and research facilities across the state.  

From production of the Moderna vaccine in the fight against Covid-19 at Lonza Biologics, to the research and development of the mass production of human tissue and organs at the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute, New Hampshire’s role in advanced technologies is prominent in the world’s life sciences ecosystem.

Home to world-class research institutes, including the University of New Hampshire and Dartmouth College, the bioscience sector, comprised of over 300 companies across the state, is at the forefront of research and development of lifesaving drugs, treatments, medical device manufacturing, and technology.  

Bioscience is on a growth trajectory, fueled by New Hampshire’s proximity to research centers in Boston and Cambridge; its lower cost of doing business, and access to talent. Combined with its exceptional quality of life, the state is attracting the next generation of professionals committed to finding healthcare solutions.