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Advanced Manufacturing

Powered by New Hampshire’s mighty rivers two centuries ago, manufacturing quickly became the state’s economic engine, driving the prosperity of communities and countless workers, fueled by Yankee ingenuity and a strong work ethic.

That hasn’t changed. In the 21st century, more than 1,700 manufacturers employ over 67,000 people (at an average salary of $83,500), with an annual output of $9.8 billion. From aircraft parts to the tiniest of components, things made in New Hampshire can be found in equipment researching the bottom of the ocean, to spacecraft exploring outer space.

Once renowned for its textile manufacturing capacity, New Hampshire’s modern manufacturing ranges from computer and electronic parts to fabricated metal, and machinery. Job growth is surging in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, aerospace product and parts manufacturing, and more.

Diverse, progressive, and high-tech are the hallmarks of New Hampshire manufacturing. The state’s lower cost of doing business, business tax advantages, accessible workforce, and exceptional quality of life make it an ideal place to become part of an industry that has a global impact.