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Growth Sectors

Grow Your Business in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is home to thousands of businesses, from family enterprises nurtured for generations, to multi-national companies whose niche fits well in a state recognized for its educated workforce, business-friendly tax climate, and exceptional quality of life.

Every day, the New Hampshire Department of Business and Economic Affairs (BEA) works with companies and manufacturers to optimize their services and products in domestic and global markets. Within the department are the Office of International Commerce (OIC); the New Hampshire Procurement and Technical Assistance Program (NH PTAC), and the Office of Workforce Opportunity (OWO).

To assist and align its efforts, BEA’s Economic Recovery and Expansion Strategy (ERES) provides a framework to keep New Hampshire’s economy healthy and competitive. ERES fosters innovation and collaboration with public and private partners throughout the state, who share their expertise and resources. The strategy also brings together those partnerships to develop solutions for the challenges to the economy, including workforce, housing, childcare and more.

Companies expanding to New Hampshire can connect with BEA for assistance to chart their course. BEA offers customized services and access to resources to ensure the move from there, to here, runs smoothly and on schedule.