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Adventure Awaits in New Hampshire

If vacation means packing the car and pointing it north, the destination is likely New Hampshire. This is a place of memories – a lakeside cottage, a campfire under an endless starry sky, a perfect powder ski run, or the panorama at the end of a mountain trail – and all the reasons people return year after year, generation after generation.

Tourism is a key driver of the New Hampshire economy, fueled by nearly 50,000 travel and hospitality professionals, dedicated to making the state a premier destination for domestic and international travelers drawn here by the beauty and attractions that make it such a beautiful and special place.

New Hampshire’s business friendly climate draws vacationers who decide they want to live here and become a part of the thriving hospitality industry. They open restaurants and B&Bs; they launch businesses that put them in the center of outdoor recreation, like ATVs, camping, water and snow sports; they become integral employees at world-class hotels.

If it gets harder to leave New Hampshire after vacationing here, there are limitless opportunities to stay and Live Free.

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