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Top State for Education

New Hampshire is Tops in Education

New Hampshire earns high marks at all levels of education, from ranking among the nation’s top states for pre-kindergarten through high school, to higher education institutions that prepare students for opportunities in careers in key industries.

With one of highest rates of preschool enrollment for children under age 5, New Hampshire students score highly in the important indicators for K-12 success, including math, science, and reading – the foundation that prepares them for higher education and workplace readiness.

Students from across the country and around the world come to New Hampshire colleges and universities, including Dartmouth College, University of New Hampshire, Southern New Hampshire University, Keene State College, St. Anselm College, Plymouth State University, New Hampshire Institute of Art, Community College System of New Hampshire, and many more.

World-class companies demand a robust and educated workforce and combined with its exceptional quality of life and limitless opportunity, New Hampshire is the place where student can attain their highest goals for life and living.

Securing a student’s academic success begins with choosing the right schools early. This includes our K-12 public school systems, one of the best in the country. Additional choices can be found in New Hampshire's roster collection of charter schools, private schools and boarding schools.

As one of the most educated states in the country with a nationally ranked community and private college system, students from across the globe choose to study at New Hampshire institutions for higher education that goes beyond the classroom.