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NH is the best location for biomanufacturing.

In remarks Thursday morning (May 9) at the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI), Department of Business and Economic (BEA) Commissioner Taylor Caswell highlighted the growth of the ARMI biofabrication cluster and the opportunities arising from it.

Caswell was among the speakers at the New England Real Estate Journal Summit discussing the theme, ReGen Valley: Pioneering Innovation Biomanufacturing Technology.

Caswell described the growth of this industry statewide including the Seacoast, Keene, and the Upper Valley.   

“From logistics to workforce, there is a statewide opportunity here to make New Hampshire a global leader in biomanufacturing,” he said. “With the right investment of energy and resources, we can ensure this effort is successful. This will change the landscape of our state’s economy.”

He also emphasized the work BEA has done to develop strategies related to the recruitment and expansion of this sector, noting its reports, including a life science industry assessment, and data analysis of New Hampshire’s workforce needs and housing supply.   

“This was a tremendous opportunity to talk to developers and brokers about why New Hampshire is the best location for biomanufacturing and access to a world-class workforce,” he said following the event.

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