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Housing Toolbox Launched to Address Critical Housing Issue

Concord, NH – As efforts continue to alleviate the state’s shortage of affordable housing, the Department of Business and Economic Affairs (BEA) has been able to leverage American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) State Fiscal Recovery Fund (SFRF) funds to work with strategic partners to develop, fund, and implement initiatives to address this critical issue.

“Housing availability is crucial to the New Hampshire economy,” said BEA Commissioner Taylor Caswell. “While it may seem to be a tall order to meet the demand, there are programs and tools communities can implement to increase the housing supply.”

After a year and a half-long effort by New Hampshire’s regional planning commission, communities now have access to nine Regional Housing Needs Assesments (RHNAs), providing a data-driven overview of regional housing availability needs. In addition to these assessments, the recently completed New Hampshire Housing Toolbox contains a series of 20 planning and zoning actions for local government officials to consider.

Caswell said there is a universal need for housing in every community in the state, and the New Hampshire Housing Toolbox in combination with the nine Regional Housing Needs Assessments provide options for solutions to meeting this crisis head-on.

There are also resources available to communities under New Hampshire’s historic InvestNH initiative. The $30 million Per Unit grant program offers $10,000 to municipalities for each unit of new affordable housing they permit. Municipalities can also access the $5 million Municipal Demolition grant program to remove vacant and dilapidated buildings and the $5 million Municipal Planning and Zoning grant program to help them revise or create zoning ordinances and other regulations to promote housing development.

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