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Existing NH Businesses

As the world moves forward from the disruption and fundamental change of Covid-19, New Hampshire’s Economic Recovery and Expansion Strategy (ERES) is the framework for the state’s long-term economic success, supported by the shared goals and positive outcomes of collaborative partners. The ERES strategy builds and strengthens a resilient economy, while protecting the business advantages that sets the state apart from the rest of the Northeast and beyond.

New Hampshire is a place where its businesses grow, thrive, and prosper in a climate that encourages them to succeed. The taxes they don’t have to pay is money they invest – in their facilities and their workforce.

The Department of Business and Economic Affairs (BEA) is committed to fostering that success. BEA is a resource for businesses of all sizes and sectors, from family-owned companies to multi-national corporations, that can meet their goals in a variety of ways, from government contracting and international trade, to workforce development, financing and more. BEA resources include: