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Foreign Trade Zones

Foreign Trade Zones in New Hampshire

When it comes to international trade, New Hampshire companies have a valuable resource to help them reach their export goals. With the expansion of Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) #81 in 2018, all, or parts of, nine of the state’s 10 counties are located within the FTZ.  

For the purpose of assessment and collection of import duties, foreign imported merchandise entered into a zone is considered not to have entered the commerce of the United States, so duties are not paid while the merchandise remains at the site.  

The benefit to companies within a FTZ means they can defer, reduce, or eliminate duties on imported merchandise. That cost translates into appreciable savings, which can be used to create jobs and stimulate the economy, and increased profit and success in the global market.
For more information on New Hampshire’s Foreign Trade Zones, contact Geno Marconi, Director of Ports and Harbors at Pease Development Authority, at 603-436-8500 or

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