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Export Statistics

New Hampshire exports a variety of products each year to over 180 countries around the world. The countries to which New Hampshire exports and the commodities are included in the lists below.

Total New Hampshire exports as of March 2020:
  • By Country
  • By Commodity

New Hampshire's Top 5 Markets as of March 2020:

Country & Export Volume
  • Germany:  $250,314,706
  • Canada:  $204,884,978
  • Mexico:  $87,912,335
  • Ireland:  $75,665,116
  • China:  $70,453,617
Exports of New Hampshire products in 2019 totaled $5.8 billion.

NH Exporting Facts
  • In 2018, New Hampshire exported a record $5.3 billion (an increase of 41 percent - $1.5 billion -  from its export level in 2008) of Made-in-America goods to the world
  • In 2016, exports from New Hampshire supported an estimated 19,000 jobs
  • The state's largest manufacturing export category is computer and electronic products, accounting for $1.4 billion of New Hampshire's total goods exports in 2018

For more information on a specific country or specific commodity (by HS code), contact Adam Boltik, program manager, or call 603-271-8444.