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Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment in New Hampshire

As the No. 1 state for business friendliness in the United States, New Hampshire’s low tax burden and commitment to innovation make it an attractive environment for international businesses looking to expand in U.S. markets. FDI in New Hampshire comprises 186 companies from 24 countries across 45 industries, with business operations ranging from research and development to supply chain logistics. As a dynamic and growing part of New Hampshire’s economy, foreign investment directly supports 43,900 jobs in tech, health care, manufacturing and beyond.

Whether by building from scratch, merger or acquisition, foreign-owned businesses choose New Hampshire with their eyes set on future growth. Just ask multinationals like Galvion, Lonza or BAE Systems that tap into New Hampshire’s highly educated workforce with expansion. We offer a powerful combination of foreign trade zones, export assistance and business tax incentives so that international companies can hit the ground running as soon as they land in New Hampshire.

Grow Your Business in New Hampshire